1:1 List Building VIP Workshop

Build a solid foundation with a list of loyal followers and raving fans.

Our 1:1 List Building VIP Workshop is an intimate learning & planning event

That will give you an Actionable Steps to Build and grow your email list

Together you’ll learn to build a targeted email list from scratch. Find your ideal subscribers and entice them to sign up. Have a detailed plan to use to grow your list.

Things You’ll Learn

→  Determine the ideal customer for your email list

→  Describe the journey you want people to take after signing up

→  Learn how to motivate customers to sign up by offering a valuable gift. Together we will brainstorm what this will be

→  Pick the perfect automated systems for building your list

→ Outline your first follow up email sequence including writing prompts

→  Learn a variety of methods for attracting people to your list

→  Recognize how to monitor numbers on your list to measure strategy effectiveness

→  Analyze metrics to see what’s working and make corrections

→  Make a plan to include additional methods of driving traffic to keep expanding your list

→  Identify valuable follow-up content to keep people engaged

What To Expect



We’ll get clear on where you are at in your business, and your email list building, by having you fill out a business assessment.


We’ll walk you through all the steps it takes to build and grow an engaged and profitable email list.



I will create a comprehensive and easy-to-follow report and to-do list. You will have everything you need to start and grow your email list.

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Do I need to have a website?

No. While having a website is another way to grow your email list it is not always necessary. You can build landing pages to capture leads in many different ways, which we will discuss in this workshop.

Do I need to have a social media presence?

No. While a social media presence is another great way to grow your list, you don’t need to have it in place when you are starting.

What if I also need help with course creation and launching my course?

If you wish to book the Course Launch VIP session and/or the Course Creation VIP session we offer a 20% discount off the second and third event when booking multiple events.

When you apply check all the events you wish to apply for.

What if I just need help with course creation?

You can find more information about the VIP Course Creation Session here.

What if I just need help with launching my course?

You can find more information about the VIP Course Launch session here.

What are your rates?

Course Launch VIP Session – $500

Course Creation VIP Session – $1000

List Building VIP Session – $400

Bundle 2 or more and save 20% off your 2nd and 3rd event.

Unsure? Book a Free 30 minute discovery session here to find out more.

Will you set up and integrate my email program for me?

After this workshop you will have everything you need to create and launch your email list.

However, If you need extra help with technical setup and integration we can help for an additional fee.

I have more questions.

Click here to contact me with whatever your need. I’d love to chat!

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