40 Free Feminine WordPress Themes

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In this post, I am going to share with you 40 FREE Feminine WordPress Themes that are great to use when you are just starting your blog. If you followed my tutorial about how to set up a blog, You should already have your hosting plan and your WordPress install set up.

Picking a theme is what makes the blog look pretty and stand out from all the rest.

However, don’t spend too much time on this step. One thing I have learned in the past is that while a beautiful theme and layout are really fun and pretty and something we should all strive for, content is what matters the most. Your theme is meant to complement your content, not be your content.

Explore these 20 Free Feminine WordPress themes to get your blog started today.

40 Free Feminine WordPress Themes

1. Pink Personal Blogily

Pink Personal Blogily

2. Kalon


3. Yosemite Lite

Yosemite Lite

4. Orsay


5. Blossom Mommy Blog

Blossom Mommy Blog

6. Minimalist Blogger


7. Travel Minimalist Blogger

Travel Minimalist Blogger

8. Olsen Light

Olsen Light

9. Activello


10. Lycka Lite

Lycka lite

11. Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice

12. Feminine Lifestyle

Feminine Lifestyle

13. Blossom Feminine

Blossom Feminine

14. Ovation Blog

Ovation Blog

15. MH FeminineMag

MH FeminineMag

16. Sarada Lite

Sarada Lite

17. Inclusive


18. Blossom Travel

Blossom Travel

19. Avrilly


20. Classy Moments

Classy Moments

21. Kalon Chic

Kalon Chic

22. Fashion Diva

Fashion Diva

23. Blossom Diva

Blossom Diva

24. Blossom Beauty

Blossom Beauty

25. Blossom Pinthis

Blossom PinThis

26. VW Bakery

VW Bakery

27. Fashion Stylist

Fashion Stylist

28. Blossom Pin

Blossom Pin

29. Blossom Chic

Blossom Chic

30. Blossom Pretty

Blossom Pretty

31. Juliet


32. Elegant Pink

Elegant Pink

33. Fashion Lifestyle

Fashion Lifestyle

34. Elegant Pin

Elegant Pin

35. Dhara


36. Nataraja


37. Adelle


38. Parity


39. Quick Blog

Quick Blog

40. Aspro



I hope you enjoyed this list of 40 Free Feminine WordPress Themes. Have you tried any of these on your blog? Let me know in the comments below.

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40 Free Feminine WordPress Themes

In this post, I am going to share with you 40 FREE Feminine WordPress Themes that are great to use...

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