1:1 Course Launch VIP Session

Make your course profitable, using course sales funnels that are just right for you!

Launching A Course Is Exciting

BUT there are so many choices to make when it comes to launching.

Lead magnets, tipwires, upsells, live webinars, automated webinars, ads, sales pages, and launch emails.

It can all be so overwhelming.

And all you really want to do is help your audience and make a profit with ease and simplicity.

At the end of the day it’s all about finding the sales funnel that will work for you, your budget, and your audience.

Our 1:1 Course Launch VIP Session is an intimate strategy & planning event

That will give you an Actionable Blueprint to Launch your course and make a profit

Together we’ll develop a sales funnel strategy.  We start by getting clear on who you serve and where they hang out.  Map out a course sales funnel that will work for your business needs. Discovery ways to fill the funnel. And create a comprehensive, actionable to-do list, and timeline to get it all done.

What To Expect



We’ll get clear on where you are at in your business, and your course launch process, by having you fill out a business assessment.


We’ll create the perfect strategy and framework to launch a course using a sales funnel that is just right for you.



I will create a comprehensive and easy-to-follow report, to-do list, and timeline. You will have everything you need to launch your course.

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Things You’ll Learn & Do

→  How to write a high-converting sales page, so that you can wow your customers.

→  How to implement powerful tactics to increase sales and convert more customers.

→  How to create and fill each stage of your sales funnel with enticing content, so that you can keep your customers engaged.

→  How to design and present a high-impact webinar to educate and make sales

→  How to write and deliver email sequences to build relationships and generate excitement around your course

→  Explore ways to fill your funnel, and determine what is best approach for you.

Apply Now To Reserve Your VIP Session


Why Do I have to Apply?

I want to make sure I can help you and we are a good fit.  If I don’t think I can meet your course launch needs, I will let you know.

What if I also need help with list building and/or marketing my course?

If you wish to book the Course Creation VIP day and/or the List Building VIP Session we offer a 20% discount off the second and third event when booking multiple events.

When you apply check all the events you wish to apply for.

What if I just need help with list building?

You can find more information about the 1:1 List Building VIP Session here.

What if I just need help with my course creation?

You can find out more about the Course Creation VIP session here.

What are your rates?

Course Launch VIP Session – $1000

Course Creation VIP Session – $1000

List Building VIP Session – $500

Bundle 2 or more and save 20% off your 2nd and 3rd event.

Unsure? Book a Free 30 minute discovery session here to find out more.

Will you build the sales funnel for me?

Once we have created your course sales funnel blueprint, you will know exactly what pages, emails, and ads you need and how to do it yourself.

However, if you need help building the funnel including copy, design, and management we offer a funnel building and maintenance packages depending on your needs.

I have more questions.

Click here to contact me with whatever your need. I love to chat!

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