40 Content Ideas For Your Blog

By Rachael

04 APRIL 2019

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If you struggle with what to write about for your blog, then exploring the type of blog post that you can write can help get your creative juices flowing.

In this post, (which is a list type post), I am going to share with you 40 blog post types that you can use when writing the content for your blog.

Knowing the blog post type you are going to use, can make it easier to decide what your blog post topic is going to be. For example, if you decide you are going to write a review post, you know your posts topic is going to be about a favorite product you love and use.

However, if you already know the topic of your blog post, deciding what type of post you are going to write can help you with structuring the post so that you can write it quicker and easier.

Finally, one blog post topic can be restructured into many blog post types.

For example, if you decide to write about meal planning for your family, you might have a blog post type that is a how-to blog post type, like how to create a meal plan. Next, you might have a blog post type that is a roundup, for example, a roundup of meal plans from the other bloggers. Finally, you might have a blog post type that is an interview, for example, an interview with other mommy bloggers or chefs who create meals plans for their family.

See how you can use one blog post topic and create many blog post types!

Using different blog post types is also a great way to help mix things up. You will attract different types of readers with different methods of delivery for the same topic.

While some readers love lists of information that link out to valuable content, others might want you to give them a breakdown and tutorial with step by step instructions on how to do that.

Creating content for your blog on a regular basis can feel draining and a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Use this list of 40 Types of Blog Posts to get your creative juices flowing and start writing amazing blog content today.

40 Ideas For Blog Post Types

  1. The List Post – Yes that is what this one is. It is amazing right, super easy to do and helps fill in the content void on your blog. Plus readers like them. Share resources from around the web.
  2. Best Of Post – What is the best WordPress Hosting company? What is the best way to get stains out of clothes
  3. How To Articles – Wheather it’s cooking, knitting, or how to build a chicken coup. People want to know, show them how to.
  4. A Day In Your Life – What does your life look like every day share your achievements, struggles, or just your favorite coffee.
  5. Projects – What is something that you are currently working on, give glimpses into the process and then the big reveal!
  6. Checklists – These are great if your audience needs to get things done. Make a list for them to follow along and check off what they have accomplished.
  7. Feature – Create weekly or monthly posts that have the same theme. Create it routinely so that readers know when to expect to see it.
  8. Quotes and Pins – This is kind of like a list post, but your main focus is just to use your favorite pins or your favorite posts.
  9. Inspirational or Motivational Posts – Posts that encourage and lift others to help them stay on track with their life’s journey.
  10. Tutorials – This is great for the core content of your blog that shows people exactly has to do things like this post on How to Start a Blog.
  11. Beginners Guide – Help people with the first steps of their journey by creating an easy to follow guide.
  12. Problem Solving  – Offer helpful solutions to common problems your niche faces.
  13. Case Studies – Do your own or quote the research of others.
  14. Statistics – Share the stats. There is nothing like the numbers to show that something works.
  15. Informative Posts  – These posts are educational and informative they teach or show or help someone learn something new.
  16. Definition Posts  – Define the jargon of your industry. What is an ROI or a CPA or a TMC?
  17. Series: A series of posts that all relate to the same topic like a 3 part series of how to publish your first book.
  18. Update Posts – Update old posts with new valuable content, especially as your industry changes.
  19. Current Events and Hot Topics What is going on your niche, what is going on in the world that your audience would be interested in know more about.
  20. Personal Stories Anecdotes people love to know who you are, share with them your experiences and story. Read my story here.
  21. Life Lessons –  Share how things have worked for you and how they might help other people as well.
  22. FAQs – What are your readers asking you the most? Write a post about the frequently asked questions from you readers that you feel will help all your readers.
  23. In-depth answers to Reader Questions – If you get an FAQ that could be a post or series of post on its own then go for it.
  24. Reader Feedback Posts – No one asking you questions, ask them! Ask your readers to answer surveys about what struggles they have or what they want to see more of and write a post about it.
  25. Personal Quizzes – You have seen them on Facebook. Ask your readers questions, and give them away to answer.
  26. Reviews – Review products and services that your readers might be interested in. Give your genuine insight into why you would or would not recommend them.
  27. Product Use Tips – Sorta like a review, but show exactly how to use a product you created or others created.
  28. Expert Roundups – Talk to experts in your field, as them to comment on topics that your readers will enjoy knowing more about.
  29. Interviews – Interview people who have something to say. This could be a newbie or an expert, get their insight and answers.
  30. Behind-the-Scenes Posts – What are you doing in business or have done that works and that doesn’t show yours behind the scenes process of your successes and failures. We can learn from trying and succeeding and trying and failing. They both help us grow.
  31. Success Posts – Give a monthly, quarterly, report of your goals, your growth, and your achievements.
  32. Your Portfolio – What have you done for your clients or business partners. Share you creatives with your readers.
  33. Infographics – Create or share others Infographics that will benefit your readers.
  34. Projects/Goals – Do you have a personal or business goal that you want to accomplish. Get your readers to achieve it with you, hold them and yourself accountable attaining your goals.
  35. Cheat Sheets – Who doesn’t like a shortcut to success, give quick tips, easy to follow guides and short tutorials on how to get things done so quickly they will think they are cheating…also a great lead magnet.
  36. Contests and Sweepstakes – Hold a giveaway for something you offer or something your sponsor offers. Just make sure to follow any regulatory laws in your state or country.
  37. Image Collections or Image Collages – It doesn’t have to be just words, show your world from trips to pictures on how to get things done.
  38. Testimonials – What other people think of your business, share how you have helped them and how what you offer has solved their problem.
  39. Milestones –  Your blog’s anniversary, the day you hit 10,000 Instagram followers. Let your readers know; we can celebrate together.
  40. Product Use Tips – Sorta like a review, but show exactly how to use a product you created or others created.


I hope you enjoyed this list of blog post types that you can use to help you create valuable content for your blog.

Use these types of blog posts to create content for your blog today!

Finally, now that you know what you are going to write about stay organized by creating a blog content plan.

This will help you stay on top of the content you need to create, you have created, and you need to market because creating content is just the beginning of your blogging journey.

What is your favorite blog post type? Let me know in the comments below.


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