5 Ways To Find New Blog Post Ideas

By Rachael

12 APRIL 2019

When I am brainstorming for my blog post ideas, I want to make sure that the topic I choose to write about will not only be relevant and useful to my readers, and something that they want to share with others.

Creating a blog post takes time and energy, that I always find I have a short supply of.

So when I write a blog post I “hope” that it will be useful and meaningful to others.

I struggle with writing blog posts. 😳

Crazy right, I mean I am a blogger and have been doing it for some time.

What I love about blogging like designing and marketing can only be shared if I create and write the blog posts about that.  I know that a content filled blog is the best medium to get free traffic to my site.

Well, there are other ways I can create content for my sites, like recording videos or podcasting, these won’t give me the same SEO benefits as writing. Plus, I have to write a transcript for those mediums anyways, so I might as well write the blog post first.

However, if I am going to be writing all that content, I want to make sure that the content I do write is something that my readers are interested in.

In this post, I am going to share with you 5 Ways to find new share-worthy blog post ideas that your audience will love and want to share.

1. BuzzSumo

My first go to place to finding blog post ideas that my audience will want to share is BuzzSumo.


You can enter your niches main keywords or the site of another influencer in your niche.

The results can be sorted according to their reach in social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

I like to sort by the social network that I want to target, like Pinterest, and see what the most shared posts in that social network.

I look at the top search results and pick the ones that I have knowledge about, and could write a post on.

Next, I do a Google search for that topic and see what other blogs are written about that topic.

Finally, I take the top 5 posts and use them as inspiration for the new post I will be writing.

I know this topic is going to be good because it is something that is already being shared in social media, which means people are interested in it.

BuzzSumo is a premium service, but you can get a few free limited searches a day, that usually gives you enough information to get started.

Social Animal is also another service that is similar to BuzzFeed. I like to use this one if I have met my daily maximums on BuzzSumo. 😉

2. Post Planner

Post Planner is another great tool for coming up with new trending topics by allowing you to search for topic trending content.

You enter your keyword or topic in their Content Engine, and you get a stream of the most recent trending content on that topic.

You know this content is great to create and shareable because people are already eating it up!

Post Planner is a premium service that you cannot use for free.

However, it does have a low monthly fee and is also a great scheduling tool for Facebook and Twitter.

3. Research Your Competitors

Surprise! You are not the only one writing about your niche.

You can get ideas for blog posts that you know your audience will want to share by looking at other blogs in your niche that serve the same target market as you.

Some blogs in your niche use social share indicators right on their blogs posts that show you how much a blog post is shared on various social media networks.

If a blog post is shared a lot or has a lot of comments, you know that blog topic is a popular topic.

You can then do your own research about the topics and add your knowledge and insight to come up with an original blog post.

Like I do with the Buzzsumo method, I use the posts as inspiration, I research other information on the topic, and add my own experience and ideas to the topic.

4. What’s Trending On Pinterest

Pinsights is the perfect way to stay on top of Pinterest trends in your niche.

Pinsights will keep you stay on top of what content is share-worthy on Pinterest and becoming more popular every day. That means it is trending!

The insights in Pinsights are perfect for lifestyle blogger and multi-topic bloggers that talk about crafts, DIY, travel, beauty, wedding, parenting, etc.

The information Pinsights provides great information to use when you are looking for new content that you want to be shared on Pinterest.

If you create that valuable content on the topic that people are already searching for, and that is trending, you can be sure that your content will be share-worthy.

5. Feedly

Feedly is a content aggregator.

That means you can add content you are interested in and that you want to follow to your Feedly feed.

You can add content by keyword, niche, blogs, YouTube Channels, etc.

When new content is added to a blog or one of your interests, it will show up in your Feedly feed.

Never miss a blog post from your favorite blog again. (Hint: I would ❤️ it if you added me to your Feedly feed…😊)

I would suggest adding the top websites in your niche, and some niche keywords.

How Feedly can help you find new popular content is by its trending metric.

In your feed, you will see a number under each post title. The number underneath the post title is how popular an article is with 100 being the most popular.

The more popular a post, the more likely this is a post people want to know about, and a topic you might want to consider creating a post of your own on.

You can also click right through on the popular posts to the blog the article is published on. Sometimes, you can see the number of social shares for that article.

Finding popular content with Feedly, will give you the inspiration for blog post ideas your audience will love.


Using these 5 hacks to help you find new blog post topics, is a great way for you to create valuable shareable content for your readers.

Knowing that you are writing about popular trending topics that your audience finds interesting is a great way to build traffic, and help you be confident that you are not wasting your time writing content that no one will read.

Now get going and start researching the share-worthy content for your blog by using these 5 Amazing Hacks to find new blog post ideas your audience will want to share.

Now that you have the content to create, check out this article on how to create a content plan for your blog.

Need help setting up your blog take a look at this great resource on How to Start a Blog!

What are your tricks for finding share-worthy blog ideas that you find your audience loves? Let me know in the comments below. 👇

Happy writing!



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