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Work-Life Balance

Achieving Work-Life Balance for the Busy Entreprenure

by Rachael Vandendool

Work-life balance is dedicating the appropriate amount of time to work and the different areas of our life so that we are living a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Having a good work-life balance is beneficial to our well-being and the well-being of those around us.

When we spend too much time on one area of our life and neglect the other areas of our life, those other areas of our life suffer for it.

For example, if we dedicate too much time and attention to our job or business, then our health or relationship will begin to suffer.

When I first started writing this blog post, I thought it was work, too much of it, that got out of balance.

The truth is we can spend too much time on any area of our life and never live up to the full potential of each area.

If we dedicate too much time to improving our health, then our job might begin to suffer. If we dedicate too much time to our enjoyment, our relationships can start to suffer.

Dedicating the appropriate amount of time to accomplishing the task that needs to be done to maintain and grow the different areas of our life is what work-life balance is all about.


Our work and life can get out of balance for many different reasons.

Sometimes it is because you are not aware that certain areas of your life are suffering.

Maybe you are so busy concentrating on improving a certain area of your life and haven’t taken the time to examine the other areas of your life to be sure those areas are ok.

Sometimes your work and life get out of balance, and you are aware of it. However, you think you can take care of it later, or that you will get to that need in your life when you are less busy.

Another reason why the areas of your life get out of balance is that you think you are too busy, but you are just busy being busy.

You are doing tasks and activates that don’t have any impact on any area of your life. These are tasks that if you examined what you do each day, you could probably eliminate them, and your life would be just as meaningful.

Another reason why the different areas of your life are not in balance is that you really are too busy.

You don’t have the time to dedicate to everything. You are overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list. If you stop now, you will never get it all done. So, other areas of your life don’t get the time and attention they need.

Finally, you might really, really love what you do. It’s your passion, and while you know the other areas of your life are important, sometimes your passions overpower what you should be doing.

No matter why your work and life are out of balance, you need to be aware that having one area of your life takes up all your time, or the majority of your time is not healthy for any area of your life.


Learning time management techniques and tips can help you get your work and life back in balance.

Being aware of all the tasks you need to accomplish in each area of your life, and prioritizing those tasks by importance is one of the first steps in managing your time properly and achieving work-life balance.

When you are aware of what needs to be done, and what is important, you can make sure your time is spent on those things. You can then stop spending time on things that are not important and don’t need to be done.

Time management techniques can help you analyze the tasks you are spending time on, and identify what tasks should be eliminated from your schedule.  When you free up your time you have more time to make sure you are achieving a good work-life balance.

Time management skills can also help you identify which tasks you should delegate or hire out. When you free up time by getting help from others, you have more time for what is important to your life.

Other ways you can free up time is to learn ways to be more productive and to do things faster.

Finally, when your life is out of balance because your passions are strong, managing how much time you spend on the different areas of your life becomes even more critical.

Managing your time correctly by dedicating blocks of time to specific tasks and stoping those tasks when the time is up, is a time management skill that helps you keep your work-life in balance.

All these time management techniques can help you to develop an excellent work-life balance so that you can flourish in all areas of your life.

Achieve Your Work-life Balance

Time is finite, and you only get as much as you are given of it.

Having a good work-life means that each area of your life has the appropriate amount of time dedicated to it so that you can accomplish the tasks that need to get done to maintain and grow in all the different areas of your life.

Managing your time wisely, prioritizing your tasks, spending time on only what is truly important and meaningful to your life, are all techniques that help you keep your work and life in balance.

Having the right work-life balance is important to our lives and the lives of those around us. When our work and life are in balance, we live a more fulfilled, meaningful life.

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