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Hi, I’m Rachael!

My Story

I am a planner!

I love and need to plan out my days, weeks, months, and even years.

I have a plan for everything! If I don’t plan, I don’t accomplish what I want to accomplish, and I end up wasting my time because either I am not prepared, or other non-important tasks get in the way of what really needs to be done.

I don’t like that feeling at the end of a day, or the month, or even the year, and realizing all the things I didn’t do, things that I had time to do, but wasted that time on other trivial tasks.

Very early on, I learned the importance of planning out my day. I was a homeschooled kid, and I had to plan out how much of each unit I needed to accomplish each day so that I would finish my work in time for summer vacation.

I am also a work from home parent, and a mom to four beautiful, but busy girls.

As I entered this new stage in my life, that skill and love of planning was no longer a choice; I really needed a plan to get it all done! There were only 24 hours in a day and all my new responsibilities like managing my home, taking care of my children, accomplishing my work goals, and still enjoying life made planning and learning other time management techniques a must.

With juggling so many new responsibilities, I needed to up my game. I needed to learn when to get it all done, how to get it all done, and how to do it as quickly as I could.

I also wanted to learn to focus and spend my time on the things in my life that mattered. While my work from home job was demanding on my time, I still needed to be the mom I wanted to be at home.

Coming to this realization, that I had only so much time, and I wasn’t going to accomplish as much as I needed to if I didn’t have a good plan in place, really got me serious about understanding how to organize my time.

Through countless hours of study and trial and error, I have found techniques that work for me, and I want to share those techniques with you in my blog about time management.

I hope I can help you learn how to manage your time, and get the things done in your life that you need and want to accomplish.

So join me on this time management journey and let’s get it done!




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