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18 Productivity Tips For Entrepreneurs

by Rachael Vandendool

These 18 productivity tips for entrepreneurs are going to provide you with valuable tips, tricks, and techniques for how to be productive and get things done.

Being productive means you can accomplish your tasks and produce results quickly and efficiently.

Many of us struggle with productivity because we don’t know how to deal with the different problems that arise and hinder us when we are trying to accomplish a task.

Problems that many entrepreneurs face when trying to be more productive are that they don’t have a plan for how they are going to deal with the list of tasks efficiently.

And even if they do have a good plan, they face many other challenges to getting it all done, like distractions or not feeling like doing it.

Whatever this issue is, these 18 Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs are going to help you develop a plan and stay focused so that you can be productive and get it all done.

1| Manage Your Time Better

Having excellent time management skills is one of the core factors in being productive.

Excellent time management means you know what tasks you are going to do, and you have a plan for when you are going to accomplish them.

Instead of wondering what you are going to do today, when you manage your time wisely, you can get started doing and accomplishing your tasks quicker.

For some excellent time management tips, check out this post: 16 Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs.

2| Stay Balanced

Another productivity tip is to have a good work-life balance.

Having a balance between how much time you dedicate to the different areas of your life helps you to be more productive by keeping you from losing energy and focus.

If I spend too much time on work and don’t take care of myself, I am not as productive as when I take regular breaks and balance all the areas of my life.

Getting enough sleep, spending time with loved ones, and taking care of yourself are all things you need to spend time on so that you can be productive in all areas of your life.

3| Batching

Another productivity tip is to batch similar tasks that need to get done.

Batching your tasks means you work on similar types of tasks in a specific period of time.

For example, if you write blog posts, you would batch and work on the rough draft of a few different blog posts in a specific chunk of time. The chunk of time can be a few hours, a day, or a few days, whatever the task requires and what energy level you have.

The idea is to eliminate task switching. When you are doing different tasks throughout the day, your brain needs to shift focus from one type of task to the other. Shifting the focus between tasks take time.

Also, some tasks require you to set something up or prepare for it each time you start it. Like setting up your video equipment for recordings. If your tasks require setup time, try to do as much as you can while everything is setup.

Save time by batching and be more productive.

4| Pay Attention to When You Are Really Productive

Paying attention to when you are productive and not filling it with unimportant tasks is another productivity tip that will help you get things done when it is ideal for you to do them.

Are you most productive in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Do your most challenging tasks when you are most productive, or it is the ideal time for you to do them.

Don’t answer emails or return phone calls, or do other non-challenging tasks when your productivity is at its best.

For example, I used to check my email first thing in the morning. I would get caught up on unimportant emails and spend too much time on it.

The problem with this was that I am more productive in the morning with tasks that involve lots of concentration or new projects.

I was wasting my time on emails when I should be working on projects. I could check my email later in the day when I found my energy was less, and I needed less challenging tasks to work on.

Everyone is different here. You might find you do your best work in the evening or the afternoon.

Learn when you are most productive, and fill it up with appropriate tasks.

5| Review and Visualize Before You Begin

Reviewing and visualizing what tasks you are going to accomplish is a great productivity hack.

Take 10 or 20 min at the beginning of each week, or first thing in the morning, and visualize what you are going to do.

Visualizing what you are going to do will help you get motivated and feel confident about the tasks at hand. It also keeps your brain from thinking about what you are going to do next, because you already have a plan.

While writing your tasks down is still important; knowing and being prepared for what you have to do can make you get those things done faster. You become more focused on the task at hand and ready to start the next task quicker.

6| Make Decisions Quicker

You can waste so much time deciding what you are going to do, how you are going to do it, and when you are going to get it done.

Making decisions quicker is a great productivity tip that will help you actually get those tasks started so that you can get them done.

Give yourself a time limit to make those decisions.

Don’t sweat the small stuff if it ain’t gonna break it, just make the decision.

Finally, do your research, but not too much, and get it done.

Decide to start making decisions quicker right now.

7| Templates

Using a template is an invaluable productivity tip that will help you get the job done quicker and easier.

Templates are files that serve as a starting point for something that you need to create or make regularly.

Some examples of templates are commonly written letters, responses to FAQ, visual templates for social media graphics or newsletters.

Using a template eliminates the time it takes to set up the document or file and response each time.

Create or purchase templates that will help you do things quicker and easier so that you can produce more.

8| Use Quick Responses

A quick response is something like a template, but it usually doesn’t change each time you need to use it.

It is not uncommon in business for people to ask or request the same information over and over. Having the ability to answer them with a prewritten quick response saves you time by you not having to type out the same response each time the question gets asked.

You can set up your quick responses by saving them to a text document on your desktop, or you can add them to keyboard shortcuts.

Look over your frequently asked questions or requests, and create a quick response template for them.

9| Get a Road Map

Sometimes we waste time because we don’t know what to do.

Having a roadmap or step-by-step directions of how to accomplish the goals we have for our life and business is another productivity tip that should not get overlooked.

For example, when I first started blogging, I had no idea what to do first. Did I need a domain name before I got hosting, should I write all my posts out before I set up my website.

After doing some research, I learned what steps I should take to start my blog.

Learning which steps I needed to take and in which order I needed to make them helped me learn how to get going quicker.

10| Get Educated

Sometimes we waste time because we don’t know how to do it. We know what steps we need to take, but we don’t know how to accomplish each of those steps.

Getting educated can help you get things done and get to your end goal quicker and easier because instead of trying to figure out what to do through trial and error, you can figure out how to do it and do it right.

There are many ways you can get educated so that you can get those tasks done faster. You can do research on the internet, or purchase a book on the subject; you can also buy a course that will help you learn precisely how to apply the techniques that need to happen.

Getting educated and learning how to do something is a valuable time-saving technique that will help you be more productive.

11| Eliminate or Minimize Distractions

Eliminate or minimize distractions is a productivity tip that will help you stay focused on the task, and get all those things done.

Try to eliminate the things that are going to pull you away from the task you are working on. Turn off the TV, put a block on social media, silence your phone.

Determine what things are distracting you regularly from getting the job done and find a way to get rid of them.

Some distractions can’t be eliminated.

Do you work with kids at home? Try to plan out activities in advance that can keep them occupied for a while, or plan out times of day when your kids are sleeping, or you have alternative care for them.

While some distractions, you might not be able to eliminate, having a plan for how you can minimize them can help you be more productive and get things done.

12| Focus On One Thing

Multi-tasking is a myth. You can’t genuinely do two things at once. And it doesn’t save you time.

If you want a quick read on why it is a myth and why it won’t save you time, then check out this article from Psychology Today.

The main take away is that you will accomplish both tasks quicker, and in some cases, a lot faster if you just focus on one task at a time.

13| The Exception When You Can Multi-Task

YES, there is an exception to this tip. You can do two things at once if one of the tasks is very habitual in nature.

There are some tasks, like folding clothes, making supper, exercising, etc. that you don’t need to think about what you are doing.

These are tasks where you can do something else while you are accomplishing it. You can listen to music, an ebook, or even your favorite podcast.

14| Keep a Quick Task List

Keeping a quick task list helps you to be more productive because you become more efficient with the way you use your time.

There are periods in our day where we get a task done earlier then we expected, or we have a few extra unplanned minutes that we can do something with.

Having a list of non-important tasks (tasks that it doesn’t matter if they get scheduled, but it would be nice to get them done at some point) is a great way to stay on top of the little things in your life.

For example, I have a macramé project I am working on, and while I don’t care when it gets done, it would be nice to pick away at it when I can.

Having a quick task list to look at when I have those extra chunks of time helps me get things done that I want to get done and become more efficient at accomplishing the tasks on my list.

15| Keep Your Space Organized

Keeping your space organized and getting rid of the clutter is another productivity tip that will help you save time.

Being distracted by the clutter, moving around things that you don’t need, or just not being able to find that item, are all-time wasters and keep you from being productive.

Have a place for everything and put it in its place; stay organized so that you can get the things done that are important.

16| Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination holds us back from being productive and accomplishing the tasks we want and need to accomplish.

We procrastinate for many reasons, whether it is because we aren’t clear on what we have to do and why we have to do those things, or because we are afraid to try, procrastination gets in the way of us being productive.

Identify why you procrastinate and look for solutions to ways you can overcome your procrastinating tendencies.

Do you procrastinate because you don’t know how to do something? Learn it.

Do you procrastinate because you are not sure why this task is essential? Clearly, describe why.

Procrastination is a major hindrance to productivity. Figure out why you procrastinate and learn techniques and ways to overcome it.

17| Create a Backwards To-Do List

Sometimes we aren’t productive, but sometimes we are, and we don’t realize just what we really have accomplished.

Some tasks like projects are significant and will take us a long time to accomplish. In the middle of those projects, we might think like we are getting nowhere, and we aren’t doing anything.

Not being aware of our accomplishments can cause us to lose momentum and focus and not be as productive as we could be.

Writing down what we have done can help us see the progress we are making.

Create a backward to-do list and write down what you have done.

This productivity tip will help you see just what you have accomplished and keeps you motivated and focused on getting more done.

18| Learn Hacks To Do Things Quicker

Another excellent productivity tip is to learn hacks to do things faster or more efficiently so that you can save time and get the jobs done.

Check out my free ebook of over 100+ hacks to do things fasters in the home, at work, running errands, or even while traveling.

Be more productive in less time.


I hope these 18 productivity tips for entrepreneurs provided you with great tricks and techniques for ways you can be efficient and get things done.

Learning how to deal with the different problems that arise from trying to accomplish our tasks is a great step in being productive.

Whether you struggle with organizing your tasks or with issues that arise when you try to accomplish your tasks, identifying those problems and overcoming them can help you achieve the things you need and want to in your life.

Remember to develop a plan and stay focused on what you have to do, so that you can get more done.


Hey Lovely! I’m Rachael! I help entrepreneurs get things done, with Time Management and Productivity tips and tricks.

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