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Hi, I’m Rachael

 I help online entrepreneurs strategize, create, and launch their online courses.

You’re are incredibly gifted at what you do and you are going to create a massive impact on your audience’s life.

You just need to get in front of your audience with your perfect for them offer. But doing that can feel so overwhelming.

That is where I help. Together we will plan and create the course your audience wants and needs, and launch it using a perfect for you course launch funnel.

1:1 VIP Sessions

 Get a personalized approach to creating and launching your online course with a 1:1 VIP Session.



Helping you build a solid foundation with an audience of loyal fans and willing buyers.


Helping you create the perfect course that your audience will rave about.


Helping your launch your masterpiece using funnels that work for you and get results.

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Creating and launching your course doesn’t have to be difficult or scary.

Using my strategic brain, knowledge, and expertise, I can help you create and launch a course that your audience will rave about!


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